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Howdy, ARC Members!

Everything you need is right here: calendar of events for the month, forms for reporting and absences, and even slides from previous meetings. 

Since it is still relatively new, we appreciate any feedback on the website! Click the link below to share your thoughts or concerns with us, or you can email the MED/IT team at


Member of the Week

... is Zach Hanse!

This is Zach's first year in ARC! Whoop! 
We are thankful for him!

Form for a service event

If you attended a service event please fill out this form.

Member Links

One-on-One Meeting with Chair 

Need to talk about something? Schedule a completely confidential conversation with the Chair to talk about any ideas, concerns, etc (ARC related or not!)

Service & Social 

Submit proof of your accountability.

Need a Recap of a Meeting?

We've got you! Click below to find the slides from each of our meetings during this semester. You will need to be logged into your TAMU email to access the folder. 

For additional meeting slides or concerns, email Courtney Bell at!

ARC's Attendance Policy

The following attendance policy is applicable to general meetings and conferences:

If a committee member must be absent from a meeting or a portion of a conference, they must fill out this form (also found above) prior to the meeting If the absence is unexpected, emails will be accepted after the meeting.  

• Upon one (1) unexcused absence the committee member will be given a warning.
• Upon two (2) unexcused absences the committee member will have a discussion with a member from the Executive Team.
• Upon three (3) unexcused absences the committee member will be referred to the review board for sanctioning which may include removal from the Aggie Recruitment Committee.

​Excused and Unexcused absences are defined by Texas A&M University policy.  ARC will also excuse absences related to tests, and/or test reviews. Aggie Recruitment Committee sets this Attendance Policy in order to ensure that ARC members are prepared to recruit for Texas A&M University and staff our two conferences.

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting times, conflicts with ARC events, or our attendance policy, we are happy to help you and work with you. Contact Courtney Bell, the ARC Chair, at

Aggie Recruitment Committee
Operations Manual (Bylaws)

Our bylaws contain all information about how ARC is organized and how the conferences are planned. 

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